Sunday, 28 December 2014

Finger the beat

I remember my guitar tutor. He was a skinny with firm steady arms and legs, stern but at the same time playful.  In his early thirties, dark brooding eyes wearing a dark grin . He was smoking cigarettes while he handed me his guitar, showing me how to tune and strum the guitar. 

I remember him distinctively saying... 

"Guitar playing is more love making wouldn't you know?"

I  laughed and blankly said 
"but how so?" 

" Well... (grinning) 
Each string needs to be carefully plucked and tuned up precisely. It contains a wide variety of different  sensations. If you mishandle her the final note will sound awful. 

He was showing me how to re-tune and play a few chords. 

Okay play a C be gentle darling 

While I play the C chord I could feel him rub my chest and shoulders.  

"Don't worry keep practicing darling you can trust me, I was just loosening you up we can't have you feeling tense up" 
"Now, show me D"

I begin to play the chord D.  He grasps firmly on my other hand : I can feel a surge of heat and sweat firing up through his fingers. He begins to tune up his fingers around my chest caressing and circling my boobs. All warmed up he finishes up with his tongue swirling and stretching around the tops of my nipples. 

"Okay ... final note play me a G"

I play the final note: the sensation drives him wild crouching me to the floor and begins to stretch his hands below my skirt I could feel his sweating hot fingers strumming up my vulva in the same rhythmic motions of his guitar. 

"See what I said? would you now agree music is the same as love making" 
"I nodded

A bit shaken and uncertain how to respond. He leans towards my ear lobes and begins to lick them while he whispers my name into my ear and repeating that same line: He carries on making his music stroking and strumming me up and down in which I could feel a tense feeling of release: then silence again.  
That was the final note.