Sunday, 1 September 2013


Had a wicked afternoon yesterday at the Leicester Pride its so great how diverse our small city can be and how great gays, bi, transgender are accepted in the community. It was a real achievement when the gay marriage bill was finally enforced, a real victory for us all  but during the event it was great to meet so many new faces, I got the chance to have a look at some of the funny sparkly hats and there were a lot of loved up couples and smiles which made it so worthwhile, I was a bit gutted not to walk in the parade this year but with my knee's getting gradually worst just couldn't risk that but maybe next year however moving on from the depressing stuff it was nice to meet up with my mates having a few beers chill out at Vicky Park and listen to songs from the main host was brilliant she was so sassy and I loved the funny innuendo's I was laughing at everyone of them then dancing along to Abba and just having a blast. Later on went over to my mates pride party (a real inspiration with what she is going through at the moment) and well... just generally causing lady mischief  and talking bout guys.

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