Monday, 9 September 2013

The Globe

Hoping to go on another poetry night on the Thursday coming this one is down at The Globe Pub one of the great landmarks that is still going on strong in the very heart of Leicester surrounded by the brill alternative clothing and CD shops down on silver street probably one of my fave streets to walk down just because of the interesting things you find there. The Globe pub is just classic it was one of my fave hangout spots to drink and chill with my university mates and the dinners were brill too I couldn't believe the nerve of some people slating it a month a go that was not on!!!

But the truth is far sadder is Leicester really losing that quirky / uniqueness which made it bearable to live!!! In some cases yes because where are all the brill rock and music clubs/ pubs nowadays with the economy being worst than ever we are really losing out, even smaller great independent businesses such as domino's toy store are being forced to close down which really set warning bells off for me straight away. In other ways no because there are more tolerance and freedom within tight knit groups and people are far more accepting of disability, mental health ect which is brill definitely going to celebrate mental health awareness week next month its a really important to accept the help when you need it, being diagnosed with dyspraxia, ocd and anxiety paranoia wasn't often that easy to deal with but I think its great that I have met so many nice people who are helping me to deal with this every day there are still the odd occasion I'll turn to the bottle, or try and keep everything in but its great that friends can often understand and be there for me when trouble happens.

Anyway rant and deep convo over time to discuss my plans for Thursday hoping to read another two poems haven't decided yet which ones that'll be my job tomorrow but really looking forward to reading again hoping to see everyone out for support and a few beers.

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