Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Part 3. Final Version Of Imprisonment

Part 3. Imprisonment Age 18 -20
The police scum always ruin everything! To them you’re an insignificant speck on their shoe; they really would want nothing to do with you and just want to air brush you away. I am fully aware and I’m not remorseful for my crime in anyway.  I know I should be punished. But the pig headed bastards at the very top deserved what they got; we do so much and yet we get... nothing in return!There is nothing worst when a police man smirks at you.  This one tied my hands and laughed at my face. This isn’t a fucking game! He tied the rope nozzle hard around my wrist. 

 “You are such a naughty little lady; you need to be taught some manners”

I was horrified and belittled to hear him speak in this way; I could feel him tying the rope even harder as his last words slowly slipped out! I could feel his two coarse hands nudge and pinch my arms and at my waist. It was that standard procedure you get in airports, to make sure you didn’t carry any weapons or drugs.
“You won’t escape!”

The police man held my hand tight, he would not let go.
  “Right miss, come with me!”

The policeman led me into a passageway full of cells; doors were painted white, the walls were white, everything was fucking white! I could feel myself not feel too well again, the sea sickness, the crash, walls moving inwards, and voices? I just wanted it all to end.  Everything from that dream is coming alive in this place and I could taste and hear the fear, it’s taking over. I have to escape but everything looked the same, doors were the cold empty white, I am the mouse in this nightmare of a labyrinth, he is the cat that crouches around every corner.  He led me into the cell but I pushed him down. He fell to the floor. I pinned him down with the full force of my arms. Quickly took out and grasped his gun firmly; I pointed it towards his head.
“If you shoot, you know you die”

I laughed at his feeble words at long last I was in control; I didn’t care about the law for those last few minutes when you know you are going to die anyway are the best you ever get because you stop caring about everything else. I tightened my grip on the gun; I could see flash of white specks in his eyes.

   “Well, I am already dead; law is the executioner”

I lit up another cigarette, dropped the remains of fiery dust on to his shoe. The prison’s wall was turning white to grey; again sirens and the alarm bells had alerted me. Policemen from other cells scurried towards my cell, their guns  fully loaded.

“Well gentleman, it was so good to see you all again.
  Too bad the confrontation will be short this time,
   but it is time so goodbye... bastards!”

In those last words I threw the cigarette to the floor, the room was no longer empty white but surrounded by a furry of red and purple.

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